Thursday 23 July 2009

FAL News: Tales of a Rat-Catcher? Is this signs of WFRPv3?

Clicking around on the FFG site checking for clues to what the hell is going on with WFRP, I stumbled upon something called A Ratcatcher's Tale.

A Ratcatcher's Tale

Color me confused as I delve deeper into this mystery product. It's evidently set in Altdorf, which could be cool, or frustrating, depending on if the designers deigned to use my map as part of their research. If they didn't, well then I'll just have to see what they've done and adjust to that.

EDIT: found the forum and a PDF flier of the Daily Altdorfer giving more background. If this is something akin to Space Hulk, I'll be pleased as punch. Although I get apprehensive to read a lot about Altdorf ...

Forums for A Ratcatcher's Tale.



  1. I belive that it is an in-joke that has gotten a bit out of hand.

  2. But didn't FFG do something like this for Android when that game was launched? I don't really see FFG to be the kind of company to play elaborate pranks on its customers. :-)


  3. The plot thickens! Nice find, cheers.

  4. I think this will be a boardgame set in the sewers of Altdorf and nothing more...

  5. And it is gone.