Wednesday, 12 August 2009

FAL: New WFRP revealed

Getting home from the pub I saw that RebelDave posted that the new WFRP has been announced. This is the link:

WFRPv3 press release

I am drunk, so I can't make a coherent statement as of yet, so I'll get back to this piece of news tomorrow!

Although I must say that this piece of marketing speak is awful:

Stances provide characters a unique venue to reference their approach

Seriously, what the fuck? But it seems cool, so I'll keep an open mind.



  1. I just cannot work up any real enthusiasm for it.

    Instead of this they should have remade Warhammer Quest and retained WFRP2 as well, that would have had me jumping for joy.

    Still, ce la vie.

  2. Hi Anonymous! And hi and welcome back, Joe!

    I'm still digesting this piece of news, and I'm of two minds of it. Some parts I like and see that I could incorporate into my WFRPv2 game (stances and story being modified by die rolls), but on the other side, I am deeply fond of the WFRP legacy system, and would have like to see incremental development of it.


  3. TBH, I think there is simply not enought information publicly available to really make an informed opinion one way or the other yet.


    P.s. How come this blog links into everything but the stuff I use? -eh, - eh?

  4. Surely we can establish this as a path gamemakers wants to explore. This game, 3ed, and my long time love Earthdawn now both will need special dice and playing aids.
    The pleb needs to cough up some brass.