Friday 31 August 2007

FAL News: More Cthulhutech Art

Well, Cthulhutech is still not out, and the wait is killing me! And a lot of other people, judging from the internet chatter. To appease the masses Mike Vaillancourt of Wildfire posted a piece of art on RPGnet, and he graciously allowed Fanboy At Large to repost it here. It shows Migo dropships over earth, an image that is disturbing both for its implications for the game world (exciting) and for the liberties it takes with the Cthulhu Mythos (terrifying). I for one welcome our new Migo overlords, regardless of which ride they chose!

Click the image for a larger ... um ... image. More info can be found at the Cthulhutech website. Hopefully I'll be getting my hands on some supressed transmissions to further whet our collective appetite.


Thursday 30 August 2007

WFRP: Gossip (8)

"There are no Skaven! I tell the truth! Maybe what you have glimpsed are Beastmen. They're all beastmen. Mutated scum. Ratmen? No, no, no, it's really, really just people who are mutating into rats. That's what you've all been seeing. Or just large rats. Or people dressed up as rats, feeding the conspiracy of the existence of the Skaven, to keep people afraid, to keep them down. It's an Imperial conspiracy, that's what it is. You know how they keep telling us the Skaven don't exist? That's because they DON'T exist! But why would they have to tell us that, again and again?

Because fear will keep us in line. Fear of this conspiracy will keep the local villages in line! And since it's the aristocray, and the Emperor telling us this, people believe the opposite ... and the government knows this, that is why they are telling us they don't exist! So that we will believe they exist! The Skaven, the rat men, the scourge of the underworld.

And you know what else? There's a cult, where the Emperor is the master illuminated, and they make sure there are little pieces of evidence all over the place to make us believe that the Skaven exists! So there you have it, it's a conspiracy! To keep the working classes down!"

- Agitator in the Drecksack slums. Curiously, I haven't seen him since he delivered this tirade.

Friday 24 August 2007

WFRP: Best of the Fans (4)

Poster Jackdays on the Black Industries forum have been very helpful with comments on the iAltdorf project. I'm working on incorporating some of his corrections as well as building a sewer layer.

But Jackdays is not only a helpful chap when it comes to Altdorf, he is also a mapper of skill and - hopefully soon - repute. He has taken it upon himself to expand on Norsca, and has graciously provided us fans with a smashing web site; Kalevala Hammer!

Check out the section on Norsca, especially the huge and detailed map, and remember that a project like Kalevala Hammer is ultimately successful thanks to hard work, a dedicated creator and helpful input from fans. Jackdays can be found on the Black Industries forums, soliciting comments!

His work is surely among the Best of the Fans!


Saturday 18 August 2007

FAL News: WFRP wins Silver and Gold Ennies

The Ennies award ceremony have come and gone and even though WFRP didn't win everything it was nominated for, the result is pretty impressive.

Best Cartography - Silver award for Game Master's Toolkit
Best Writing - Silver award for Children of the Horned Rat
Best Adventure - Gold for Lure of the Lich Lord
Best Supplement - Gold for WFRP Companion
Product of the Year - Silver for Children of the Horned Rat

And Black Library snatched a silver for Liber Chaotica, in the Best Regalia category.

This result and the number of nominations speaks volumes as to the quality of the current WFRP product line, and the efforts of Black Industries and the fans, of which many wrote for the books awarded!

Congratulations to all involved!


Thursday 16 August 2007

FAL News: 4th edition of D&D to be announced at GenCon

According to the talk on EN World, and persuasive evidence posted by poster MerricB, WotC will announce the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons at GenCon tomorrow. It's going to be interesting to see what they do with the game, and how it ties into the digital plans they have.

UPDATE: This seems to be the first substantial information about the new edition.

UPDATE II: More meaty information here!

UPDATE III: Word is getting around.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday 8 August 2007

WFRP: iAltdorf updated to version 1.01

I sat down and made some updates to iAltdorf. The latest version is now 1.01. There are no major changes, but I added a score of locations, fixed some errors on the map, and created a few more layers.

Go here for the download page!

Now you'll have to wait a while for the next update, probably a month or more, depending on if my scenario goes through to the next round in Black Industries' scenario competition. But I'm sure you'll find plenty of use for the map even so.


Sunday 5 August 2007

Saturday 4 August 2007

FAL News: Cover of WFRP Kislev sourcebook?

Poster Slaneesh on the BI forums spotted a placeholder image on Simon Says that could show the cover of the upcoming Kislev sourcebook for WFRP. It follows the standard set by earlier region books, so it sure could be the real thing.

Click here to view the cover!


FAL News: Covers of Warhammer 40,000 RPG revealed

Poster johnnype on RPGnet has discovered images on Amazon that's supposed to be the covers for the Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game. Apparently the rulebook is supported by an adventure book, a GM's kit and a Character Folio. Click here for the thread.

I think they look mighty spiffy, and I think I'll be all over this game when it's released! A shame about the pushed back date of release though ... well, there's a teaser released at GenCon later this month, so at least progress is made!


Thursday 2 August 2007

WFRP: iAltdorf download

Welcome to the download page of the iAltdorf project for Warhamer Fantasy Roleplay. From here you can download the essential files that make up the package; a layer based pdf map over Altdorf and the spreadsheet with additional information. All files are contained in a single zipped archive.

The releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Each entry contains the version number, the date of publishing and a list of changes from the previous version.

Post all requests to the request page.

System requirements

  • Windows XP or later , MacOS X 10.2 or later, iOS or Android.
  • Adobe Reader 8 for PDF map
  • Microsoft Excel or NeoOffice Calc for companion spreadsheet

Version 1.21
Release date: February 16, 2013.
Changes: See the following list:
  • Added College of Noble Sorcery
  • Moved Karaz Ankor Embassy to correct location
  • Added Imperial Engineer Guildhouse
  • Added missing Imperial School of Engineers
  • Updated Excel sheet with latest changes

Version 1.2
Click here to download.
Release date: February 21, 2010.
Changes: See the following list:
  • Added a new layer to the PDF: Printers, Bookshops and Publishers
  • Added a new layer to the PDF: Embassies
  • Expanded Süderich Bezirk sewers
  • Changed refugee camps outside North Gate into a Special Area, instead of a Diverse Place of Interest
  • Added new layer: Elevation
  • Revised layout of Reiksport
  • Revised layout of Reiksport Shanty Town
  • Added Reiksport Bezirk
  • Added new road to the Reiksport Bezirk

Version 1.11
Click here to download.
Release date: February 22, 2009.
Changes: See the following list:
  • Revised the icons on the cemetaries
  • Added a new layer to the PDF: Communications
  • Added a new layer to the PDF: Administration and Bureaucracy
  • Added a new layer to the PDF: Guilds and Associations
  • Huhnmarkt: Added
  • Altsalem Bezirk: Added
  • Docklands: Added
  • Altdorf Pool: Added
  • Old Docks: Added
  • Alte Kaiser Brücke: Added
  • Floating Bloat: Added
  • Ilse of Eels: Added
  • Mermaid: Added
  • Recht und Richtig: Added
  • Ratchett Stables: Added
  • Guild of Stevedores: Added
  • Crackle Hill: Added
  • Ulmen Strasse: Added
  • Beloved of Manaan: Added
  • Reiksport: Added
  • Reiksport Shanty Town: Added
  • Jaeger Estate: Added
  • Austauschstrasse: Added
  • Inkwell: Added
  • Ax und Hammer,: Added
  • Reiksbrücke: Added
  • Jaeger und Söhne: Added
  • Greif: Added
  • Main Signalling Tower: Added
  • Western Signalling Tower: Added
  • Northern Signalling Tower: Added
  • Eastern Signalling Tower: Added
  • Southern Signalling Tower: Added
  • Three Toll Bridge: Changed named to Reiksbrücke (Three Toll Bridge) to reflect information from the novels about Felix and Gotrek.
  • Teamsters’ Guild: Changed name from Stevedores' and Teamsters' Guild to reflect information found in Shades of Empire.
  • Ostlander Brücke: Changed named to Die Alte Kaiser Brücke (Ostlander) to reflect information from the novels about Felix and Gotrek
  • Updated spreadsheet with the above information.
Version 1.10
Click here to download.
Release date: December 27, 2007.
Changes: Added sewers. Minor additions and corrections to map. See the following list:
  • Map: Fixed placement of the name for Eisenschlacke Weg, which was obscured by a building
  • Map: Fixed a gap between border and forest above the North Gate
  • Map: Added a new layer: Sewers
  • Map: Made name-signs smaller on Tavern layer
  • Map: Added Altdorf Fog layer as an aid to find locations, which will stand out more if this layer is turned on
  • Map: Added an All locations layer, which shows all locations at once
  • Spreadsheet: Changed names and arrangements of the columns on Changes sheet
  • Updated spreadsheet with the above information.
Version 1.01
Click here to download.
Release date: August 8, 2007.
Changes: Minor additions and corrections to map. See the following list.
  • Added Middenland Electoral Palace
  • Added Talabecland Electoral Palace
  • Added Ostland Electoral Palace
  • Added Stirland Electoral Palace
  • Added Hochland Electoral Palace
  • Added Nordland Electoral Palace
  • Added Wissenland Electoral Palace
  • Added Averland Electoral Palace
  • Added The Moot Electoral Palace
  • Added Die Volksoper
  • Added Smithy of Dalbran Fellhammer
  • Added Sullen Knight, The
  • Added Beard of Ulric, The
  • Added Staff of Verena, The
  • Added Temple Street Gymnasium
  • Added a new layer to the PDF; Contested grounds. This layer contains buildings that are debated among fans, where there might be clashes between sources.
  • Added a new layer to the PDF; Electoral Palaces
  • Added a new layer; Theatres and Operas. Moved theatres and operas to the new layer
  • Added new layer; Warehouses of Note, and moved two warehouses to that layer
  • Handschuchplatz; Adjusted name a bit to the right
  • Changed name of the Places of Interest layer to Diverse Places of Interest
  • Expanded Little Moot Special Area
  • Fixed a typo in the entry under Angelotti & Figlio
  • Fixed the Kaiser Karl-Franz Brücke railings, which were misaligned
  • Fixed the location sign for Die Kunst und Der Welt
  • Fixed the location sign for The Cat and Fiddle
  • Fixed typo in name, from "Vagr" to "Vargr", in Vargr Breughel Memorial Playhouse
  • Moved the Luitpoldstrasse name up north a little bit
  • Moved Amber College of Magic to new layer; Contested Grounds
  • Removed placeholder for Gugelhupf's Bakery and Patisserie text that was accidentally left in Domplatz Bezirk
  • Shifted the name of the Street of a Hundred Taverns upwards and west a little bit
  • The Amber College lies in the hills outside the walls of Altdorf, so in WFRPv2 there is no such college in Altdorf. WFRPv1 mentions an abandoned Amber College, so I moved it to the Contested Grounds layer. I also changed the location and the name to Amber College of Magic
  • Added Main Temple of Morr by the Ruhstatt cemetary
  • Updated spreadsheet with the above information.
Version 1.0
Click here to download.
Release date: August 1, 2007.
Changes: This is the first release, so there are no changes from previous versions.

This is the first release, so there are no changes from previous versions.

Known issues
Although this is just a PDF map, there are some issues you need to be aware of.
  • Size. The map is "physically" very large, and if you were to print it, it wouldn't fit on an A4 page without you having to scale it down to 19% of its original size. I chose to create the map like this so that I could get a high level of detail. It is still printable at any size, due to being vector based, but if you try to print it at small sizes the text will be illegible.
  • Scope. The map contains thousands of graphical objects. So it is a demanding beast, and if you try to run it on a slow computer, you might find it frustrating. I haven't tested the map on any really low speed machines, but it's running ok on the three laptops I have at my disposal; Powerbook G4 (1 Ghz, 512 MB RAM), MacBook Pro (2 GHz, 2 GB RAM) and a Dell Latitude D420 (1,2 GHz, 1 GB RAM).
  • Printing. Printing the map is very demanding on your computer's RAM. This means that some drop shadow effects might have an undesired "halo" around them when printed. I'm looking into how to make the file demand less memory, so if anyone has any tips, please post them to the request page!

WFRP: iAltdorf requests

The iAltdorf project continues to grow. With your help the map can be made more accurate and comprehensive. So please post your requests for additions or changes in the comments of this page!

Planned additions and changes
These features are planned. No promise is made as to when they make it into the project, but things should appear eventually.

* Add sewers (major pipes and main sewer entries for each Bezirk).

* Add special area: Imperial Palace.

* Add more locations to University of Altdorf.

* Add elector palaces (one for each elector).

* Have to look into the placement and size of the Bezirks (Districts). Especially the Bankbezirk seems suspiciously large, as does the Palast Bezirk.

* Add street names from Darkness Rising

* Add more streets

* Divide places into more layers (just like Taverns and Watch Stations, e.g.)

* Add more distances to Scale layer

* Add increments to distance indicators, one every 100 yards

* Add more islands

* Add elevations

* Add places linked to the NPCs found on The Altdorf Correspondent

* Add Grand Temple of Morr close to Amethyst College

* Fix the sign for Die Kunst und Der Welt

* Fix the sign for The Cat and Fiddle

* Delete placeholder text for Gugelhupf's Bakery

* Rough up the layout. It looks too neat! Note: an ongoing effort, it will take a lot of time!

* Add special area: Refugee camp.

Do you have anything you want to add? Let me know!

WFRP: iAltdorf presentation

I am proud to present my latest project; iAltdorf! Free for you to download and use in your games, iAltdorf is a set of PDF maps of the imaginary city of Altdorf, capital of the Empire in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The maps of the iAltdorf project are vectorbased, and boasts fully searchable text entries for places of interest, Taverns, Watch Stations, Street names, Plazas and more.

The maps will be continually updated as I get more feedback and my own campaign progresses, but even in this first release they contain enough information to make an excellent tool for any Game Master running a campaign or even just an adventure in Altdorf.

Don't hesitate, jump straight to the download page!

Copyright information
iAltdorf is completely unofficial in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, or Black Industries. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, WFRP, Games Workshop and all associated marks, names, races, race insignia, characters, vehicles, locations, units, artefacts, illustrations and images from the Warhammer world are either ®, ™ and/or © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2007, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

iAltdorf was created by Magnus Seter in 2007. It was inspired and based upon the Altdorf map created by Charles Elliot, originally published in The Enemy Within. That map is © Games Workshop, 1986. This map references places found in Empire in Flames (by Carl Sargent, published by Games Workshop), Spires of Altdorf (David Chart/Black Industries), Sigmar's Heirs (Anthony Ragan/Black Industries), Night's Dark Masters (Steven Darlington and Jody MacGregor/Black Industries) and (by permission) the map of the Altdorf University found in Liber Fanatica IV (created by Henrik Gronberg) as well as the unofficial fan article The Imperial Capital of Altdorf (by Arne Dam, Roderic d'Arcon and Alfred Nunez Jr. Additional Background by Timothy Eccles and Anthony Ragan). It also references locations taken from the WFRP campaign of Magnus Seter. For more information, please see the companion spreadsheet, or go to