Saturday 23 November 2013

WFRP: Help wanted (21)

"My Anton is missing! He hasn't been home for a week, and his mother is sick and needs his care. He went to work for The Fish at the dockside but now he's gone! Please, anyone, can anyone help!"

 - A distraught young woman pleading for help in the Drecksack Bezirk.
Will the player characters respond to the call for help? Anna Shipulin and Anton Trotter is supposed to be married as soon as Anton earns enough money for them to move from Drecksack to Sindelfingen district. But now he is gone! Anton has a penchant for get rich quick schemes, but he invariably fails and ends up with nothing but dreams of a better life for him, his fiance and his crippled mother. But how will the players react? There's not much money in a mission like this ... unless Anton's disappearance is a part of a much greater enigma!

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Universität Bezirk

Saturday 16 February 2013

WFRP: Minor update to iAltdorf map (1.21)

Today I spent the evening making a minor update to the iAltdorf map. This is in response to a request from Charles Glass to add two locations, and while doing so I also noticed some other errors which I fixed.

As always, the download page has the link to the archive as well as the change list. The current version is now 1.21.

Thanks Charles for the feedback!

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