Saturday 27 February 2010

FAL News: Deathwatch RPG announced

In a surprise move FFG yesterday announced the Deathwatch RPG, the third installment of the WH40kRP line.

Read more about it here!

The reason I am surprised is that the timing seems odd. I was expecting it a bit later, after Rogue Trade picked up steam and got a few more supplements added to the lineup. But maybe this was needed after those pictures from GW revealed a bit more than they should last week.

Still, I think it is tremendously exciting, and I'm hoping that I can find some energy to run a Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch crossover some time next summer. Given I get some interest from my players for such a setup of course.


Sunday 21 February 2010

WFRP: iAltdorf update 1.2

Today one of the most significant updates to the iAltdorf map is revealed to the public! I've gone out on a limb here and added a completely new layer called Elevation. My hope is that this will add a new dimension to the map and encourage people to look at Altdorf as being a three dimensional place rather than a flat surface.

I've also revised the Reiksport area so take a look at that. Please note that I am still operatin under the WFRpv2 assumptions on population. I don't know if that will change as more info is gathered, but I suspect that some changes will be made ... such as removing the refugee camp outside the North Gate, or at least turning it into a market of some sort.

Again thanks to Alexander Bateman, and also to Jackdays who runs the excellent Kalevala Hammer site. I also would like to extend a thank you to everyone who has contacted me about the map, and if you are expecting a reply, please get back to me again! My mailbox is stuffed with mail from work, so I might miss a mail, or forget about replying!

Especially nagging is a mail I can't find offering advice on what's beneath the sewers! Please get back to me, if you recognise that.

Now go check out the new version of the map!

Go here for the download page!