Saturday, 28 May 2011

WFRP: Reckless dice

A few weeks go I sat down and figured that chatter about WFRP was at its lowest ever! Then, I really started looking at what was happening on the net and realised that I had to stop only going to the usual places looking for WFRP talk, I had to cast my net wider!

So I found Reckless Dice, which is chatter about the current edition of WFRP in podcast format. And there's a lot of chatter going on! The guys behind the podcast are up to the tenth installment (released two days ago) as well as having a play-by-play podcast of them playing Eye for an Eye, the introductory adventure found in the WFRP box and Game Master Guide.

I've now listened to the episodes I found (missing number one and two in iTunes for some reason). It is a lot of talk about rules and how to play, and interlaced with that are comments on the Old World and its denizens.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

WFRP: Best of the fans (9)

This spring the A to Z blogging challenge was brought to my attention. I could never ever in my imagination seeing myself contributing to posting one post every day, for a month. So I wrote it off.

Then Tim at Another Caffienated Day showed me how it's done! He stepped up to the plate, and delivered 26 blog posts, from A to Z, about WFRP.

A mighty deed, indeed. Impressive and invigorating. And absolutely worthy of a Best of the Fans mention!

But I have to beat an old drum of mine. Hearing from readers is one of the most fun parts of writing a blog, and if you drop by and read Tim's posts, drop him a "hello" and "well played, good chap" or what passses as a cheer in your part of the world.

For I would very much like him to continue blogging, even if it's not one post a day. So remember Another Caffienated Day when you think about what's the best among WFRP fans. 


Saturday, 14 May 2011

WFRP: Cemetary Polka

In my mind, Altdorf is a mad place, a cacaphony of bizarre antics of depraved individuals with warped motivations set against the backdrop of a world insane. And on top of that people are stupid and greedy. And there is no one better to capture that than Tom Waits. An acquired taste, I guarantee you, but to me  nothing says WFRP in Altdorf in music more than the Cemetary Polka.

And now the lyrics, adapted to the Old World

Cemetary Polka, by Thomas Warten
Uncle Werner, uncle Werner, independent as a hog on ice
He's a big shot down there at the slaughterhouse
Plays accordion for old Herr Weiss

Uncle Berthold, uncle Wilhelm
Made a fortune selling halfling pies
But they're tightwads and they're cheapskates
And they'll never give a klank to us 

Auntie Mame has gone insane
She lives in the doorway of an old hostel
And the guests are singing opera
All she ever says is "Go to hell!"

Uncle Violet sailed as a pilot
Never gave the pretty girls a glance
Now he runs a tiny little book shop
They say he never keeps it in his pants

Uncle Schill will never leave a will
And the tumor is as big as an egg
He has a mistress, she is Kislevitan
And I heard she has a wooden leg

Uncle Willi can't live without his pills
He is hard of hearing and he's almost blind
And we must find out where the money is
Get it now before he loses his mind

Uncle Werner, uncle Werner, independent as a hog on ice
He's a big shot down there at the slaughterhouse
He plays accordion for old Herr Weiss


Saturday, 7 May 2011

WFRP: Altdorf in Warhammer Online

I haven't tried Warhammer Online, since I haven't had the time or inclination. About the only reason I have any interest is that I want to walk the virtual streets of Altdorf. I found the video below that shows a bit what it's about.

It looks ok to me, but the streets feel too wide and clean, and it's not a very bustling environment. I had hoped for a more busy Altdorf. I realise that there are techincal limitations today, so my dream of a crowded Altdorf might just be a pie in the sky.

Still, it's an interesting look at the streets of Altdorf, albeit not something that entices me to look further at Warhammer Online.

UPDATE: Myrgrim posted a link to another, much more interesting video of Altdorf. So now I'm a little bit confused. Does anyone know if the first video above is from WAR? I believe it is, since the plaza with the statues in it is in there, but Myrgrim's link seems more like the real deal.