Sunday 28 August 2011

WFRP: Help wanted (20)

"Are you discrete? A writer or an artist? Have books, need someone capable of copying. No knowledge of languages required, but previous experience with ink and feather critical. Interested parties should ask for Herr Schmitt at the the Black Velvet tavern. Generous compensation."

- Something for those of the academic persuasion. Posted at the University Library.

Yeah, well, this one should make even the most trusting character feel unease. But the compensation is supposed to be generous, and a student of the humanities need to eat. Or drink, as it may well be. The text could be heretical, an insidious Slaanesh tome forbidden to read, or it could be a description of how to find the long lost tomb of a fallen hero, or tracts that are copied and passed out to incite riots.

Taking a cue for sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the job could also be a cover for something else, such as a way to guarantee the character's absence from home while chaos cultists use his abode for nefarious plotting. And also, "Herr Schmitt"? Any character taking a job from a mysterious "Herr Schmitt" needs to keep eyes and ears open for ill doings!

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Universität Bezirk


Sunday 21 August 2011

WFRP: Charts and Tables (2)

A new table to roll for whenever you need a random city watch encounter! I will go from rolling a d10 to a d6, partly to make it easier for me to write the tables, but also to make the odds of running into the same Watchman in different situations higher. Therefore, some Watchmen in the Universität Bezirk have been transferred from the Niederhafen Bezirk, which means I will be updating that random table later.

Yeah, it's also because I'm lazy. So sue me!

City Watch in Universität Bezirk

If the characters call for the City Watch in the Universität Bezirk, roll a d6 and consult the following table.

1. Altdorf's shortest Watchman, Kleine Hermann, saunters up to the characters, nonchalantly chewing tobacco and gobbing at their feet. Half competent, but needs convincing to engage.

2. Gerke and Otto come running. Curt and effective Watchmen, they are loathe to take any action without first calling in reinforcements (roll another d6, reroll any result of 2).

3. First nothing happens. Then after some time, Uto, Urban and Viktor show up. They are three enthusiastic young Watchmen without any experience or useful skills. They are eager to help, but are more likely to make any situation worse with their efforts.

4. Gottwin, Horst and Holger marches up to the characters. They are dressed in perfect uniforms, their helmets are polished to a shine and they carry out their duties with military precision. If they have any fault it's the fact that they don't really listen to what people are telling them, unless the person in question is a higher ranked individual (professional or social rank).
5. Joshua and Maria turns up, filled with energy and anxiety. They are students at the University and work as Watchmen in their spare time to raise money for the education. Inexperienced but very, very smart. Probably too smart, since they tend to overthink even the smallest crime. Their wild theories are often entertaining, but seldom correct.