Wednesday 25 March 2009

WFRP: The Party Dungeon

In my running campaign, the PCs are trying to build reputation in Altdorf society. So far this has met with mixed success, but they are adamant in their pursuits of the finer life of the rich and powerful. And they've got some enemies they need to humilate, which always proves a potent motivator for any player at my table.

Anyways, they are supposed to go to a party. I want to kick up the "acting" aspect a bit, but also keep the "gaming" aspect to make sure that the party is influenced by whatever good or bad skill rolls the players make.

Cribbing an idea from Dynasties & Demagogues, the brilliant d20 supplement covering political intrigue, I drew up the following conceptual map of the party. The idea is for the PCs to navigate each square as if it was a dungeon room, with skill rolls, social interaction ... and combat, if things turn nasty. Which there is a good chance of, judging from my players and their agendas.

So, what skill checks goes on in the different squares ... or rooms, if you so will?
The Party Dungeon


Sunday 15 March 2009