Sunday, 5 July 2009

WFRP: Speaking out of turn a.k.a. WFRP 3 confirmed?

Well, I'm not fond of rumours. In fact, I thought that the the rumours of the impending release of WFRPv3 were a load of hogwash, especially now that FFG has started releasing the WFRPv2 books in PDF format. I was planning a post where I made the case that WFRPv2 was going strong ... well, at least not dying, based on the PDF release news.

But then this little mortar bounced into my vicintity:

Blog entry revealing playtest of WFRPv3

The important bit is the following:

A coupe (sic) of weeks ago, our regular roleplaying group was privileged enough to playtest 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Normally, that wouldn't fly with me, but Graham McNeill is a writer for the Black Library, so it makes the source more legit than what is normally the case in these situations. And mr. McNeill will probably get a rather sharply worded e-mail from FFG. Jeez man, that's one way to spill the beans, I guess.

Read the entry. I am not happy with what I'm reading, but I will reserve judgment until I hear more detail from the horse's mouth. It could be that the game described could be just what WFRP needs to break into the mainstream. My adoption will depend largely on if this hypothetical game is compatible with WFRPv2 or not ...

Nah, who am I kidding? If it's got "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay" on it, I'll play it.



  1. oh no...I especially didn't like the part talking about lot of space taken by action and abillity cards. sound awful alike DnD 4e ;( i don't think i would switch to it if it's not compatibile with wfrp2. i mean, for roleplay you don't need new mechanics and abilty cards, give me source(flavor)books...


  2. I'm not averse to new mechanics, but I think that "dice pools" conjure up images of a game not very similar to what we have today.

    The best would be to get more source books, but I understand if FFG wants to focus on something that brings in some more money than those kinds of books.

    Another thing for me is the fact that I run D&D4. So I don't really need WFRP to become closer to that set of rules.

    All in all, I'm hoping it's something that can be used together with WFRPv2, but remain sceptical. I'm guessing a GenCon announcement, and it's going to be an interesting one.


  3. Even though 2nd edition isn't as popular as D&D, I think there has been enormous amount of source books and would be happy with the output if it means not compromising to become the next D&D.

    However, I think dice pools would be great as I think it is more exciting than a percentile system. I also don't object to action cards. But if it was changed to be more like a boardgame, well, that would suck.

    Still as someone pointed out on, for those who liked 2nd edition, the entire collection will be available on pdf so we all win. I just wish they came out with Orcs and Elves books before they discontinued the line. :)

  4. Well, for me the whole 2nd edition collection, and most of 1st edition (sans some Hogshead reprints) is available on my bookshelf, so I won't lose out. :-)

    One thing that's going to be interesting is what kind of supplements they will put out for 3rd edition. Boxed expansions? Books? Maybe maps and handouts? For a more boardgame kinda feeling, but still things that can be used for 1st and 2nd edition as well.


  5. Wooo boxed sets would be fantastic! Because 2nd edition had a wide range of sourcebooks from skaven to Kislev it will be really interesting to see if they will instead put out books on elves and lizardmen first. But even before those I imagine, they will re-do Realms of... books. Either way, I hope all of this happens sooner than later. :)

  6. Frankly, I'm disgusted by the idea of a D&D 4e "light/like/clone/license" of WFRP.

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    I'm hoarding what I can still get on the shelves at my FLGS in preparation of a new Dark Ages.

    Magnus, unlike you, I think there is a point where I would not be interested in a WFRP release solely based on the imprint "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay." And what Graham spilled on his blog, is exactly that point.

  7. Hi Javafueled!

    I certainly can understand your sentiments regarding a possible light version of WFRP.

    And honestly, I think that having a breaking point for when you stop supporting an edition is a sign of a healthy mind! :-)


  8. God, this angers me! This sounds dreadful, utterly, dumbed down slop for the 4thEd DnD and online mongs who think thats all rpgs can be. It would be fine if te rules described were a new Warhammer Quest type boardgame for kiddy winks, but god - well done to the suits, on alienating your fanbase, who will stay clear of this in droves. And the bit where McNeill is thrilled that they're bringing the game in line with Fantasy Battle history nonsense irks too, clearly this hack novelist has no sense of what makes WFRP unique and is talking out of his talentless fundament. Hopefully it isnt so. Traitors, I say, traitors!

    I will stop now.

  9. Worst idea ever...I won't buy a dime of this crap not even in a thousand years...I have my 1st and 2nd edition manuals and will feel perfectly happy developing and building my version of the Warhammer World up from them...

  10. Take a look at FFG's website and watch the videos about the new system. I'm not sure I'm exactly sold, but there is some interesting ideas that they are putting forward.

    BTW, for anyone interested in listening to recordings of actual Warhammer gaming sessions, check out: