Saturday, 2 April 2011

WFRP: Gossip (19)

"Do you know of a good carpenter? I need new tables for my inn after that dreadful rioting last week! But I can't find a single able-bodied carpenter, and trust me, I've looked everywhere! Not even the carpenter's guild can point to a good carpenter! You know what I've heard? They've all gone to Marienburg, to help build ships for the Merchant Houses there. River barges, military river barges! And what do you think Marienburg would do with a fleet of river barges? Set sail on Altdorf, that's what they'll do. And every carpenter in the Empire have been lured there by the Marienburgers' filthy silver!"

- A frustrated Altdorf inn owner looking for a carpenter in the Werksviertel Bezirk

Werksviertel Bezirk


  1. Thanks! It's nice to know people are reading and commenting! I'll try to pick up the blogging now, have three posts lined up for the coming weeks!


  2. Nice to see the Gossip back :) It always was my favorite part of the site, as it is so easy to shimmy into my games haha.

    I used to print off an "Opinions Page" sort of thing for my players which included random gossip from around Altdorf whenever they were in town (sort of a way of plonking in plot hooks that they can choose to take up or not) and I would always use at least one of your Gossip posts in them.

    Hope to see many more posts on here!