Saturday, 23 April 2011

WFRP: Scenic views of Altdorf

On this page I have gathered all black and white pictures that I have keyed to places in Altdorf. If you are strapped for inspiration when describing the city to your players, just pop into this page and describe what you see in one or more of the pictures.

The North Gate.

View of the Königstrasse, seen from the North Gate.

The University.

Inside the Temple of Sigmar.
Die Volksoper.
Otto Stierne's Observatory.
One of many minor bridges around the Eastender Bridge. These smaller bridges often lead
to equally small islands located in the Reik.
Reiksport Bezirk, as viewed when entering Altdorf from the north.


  1. Very nice and handy too, as my players are heading to Altdorf.

  2. The Eastender Bridge looks a bit small. :)

  3. I found an image, though French in subject, that evokes the impossible designs of bridges in the 16th century.

    This above image is more along the lines of how I picture the Three Toll Bridge. The image is taken from a web article on "Boat mills: water powered, floating factories" ( The article itself is exactly how I picture the "clockwork" designs of mills, pumps and drawbridges on the River Reik.

  4. These are excellent pictures. May I ask where you got them from? I can think of lots of uses for them including a CoC campaign partly set in 1930s Europe. I had a link to a collection online somewhere but seem to have misplaced it.

    I have been following your blog since Black Industries posted a link to it on their site a good while ago. I have to say the Altdorf Corespondent is my favorite Warhammer site.

  5. Hey, Tim! Sure the Eastender bridge is way too small. That pic you posted is awesome! That's how I imagine the big bridges of Altdorf to look like.

    Hmmm ... I'll change the caption a bit to accomodate, I think! :-)


  6. Hello Autolycus! Cool of you to keep following, even though I'm a bit erratic in my updating.

    I found the pics online ages ago. They were taken over 100 years ago, I believe. I can zip up an archive of all of them (a hundred or so) and send you a link, if you think it would enhance you CoC campaign!


  7. And Kilsern! Nice that you have managed to get the players to head for Altdorf! Feel free to drop in and share with any shenanigans they might get up to while visiting!

    Or maybe I'll hear about them via my informants in the City Watch! :-)


  8. These are excellent! Thank you for posting this - I'll definitely use these in my game.