Monday, 4 June 2018

I've thrown my gauntlet in with the Reddit and Discord crowd

I've tried out a few different places for continued WFRP discussion and have landed on the Warhammer Fantasy RPG sub on Reddit and in the Rat Catcher's Guild on Discord.

The Warhammer Fantasy RPG subreddit
The Rat Catcher's Guild on Discord

Of these I like the subreddit the best since it is a lot easier to have focussed discussions akin to those on a discussion forum. The Discord thing is a chat motor, and that is fine for that but I prefer the forum feel.

Anyways I'm there as AdolphusAltdorfer.


  1. Personally I check out three places several times a day usually.

    1. The Warhammer Fantasy RPG subreddit.
    2. The WFRP 1st Edition Fans/Facebook page (There is a link)
    3. The WFRP Gamemasters Facebook Page.

    Those are my three goto places for good quality WFRP discussion.

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