Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Rumours of a new edition

In a thread on WFRP fan writer extra-ordinaire Robin Low asked for any rumours about a new edition of our favourite game. Of interest is one poster who claimed to have heard that the license has been aquired by a company and that an announcement is planned.

Fantastic rumour! But given that the source is an anonymous user that has only 36 posts on, I am loathe to get my hopes up. But nevertheless, baseless speculation follows!

Further investigation reveals the poster to be an illustrator who has done some work for Robert Schwalb, of WFRPv2 fame and infamy. Maybe he has passed on some info heard from his contacts?

So given Schwalb's connection with WFRPv2 via Green Ronin, could the WFRP license have ended up at said company, now as a full licensee and not a production house for Black Library? Sure it could be true. Chris Pramas loves WFRP as far as I can tell, and could roll the game back to v2 rules without much effort or loss of gamer cred.

And if I would guess at an existing company picking up WFRP Green Ronin would be right up there with Modiphius. As a matter of fact, those are the only two alternatives I would feel comfortable with doing a new/updated WFRP.

The more probable guess is that this rumour is false. But one can always hope!


  1. You never know but my impression from Chris Pramas' comments on FB and other places is that he'd rather die than deal with GE again...

  2. That's GW of course, not GE!

  3. Hi Nick! Nice to see I still have at least one reader left. :-)

    Good point about Pramas and GW. If that is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then I would put my money on Modiphius snatching the license. They also have Jay Little on board (c.f. Mutant Chronicles) so they could tap him for design. That would probably make the system be WFRPv3, maybe fixed to be in line with the Star Wars system. Unless FFG has exclusive rights to that, of course.


  4. Once things go into my RSS feed they don't leave! No idea about who has rights to v3...

  5. Confirmed!