Thursday, 26 April 2012

WFRP: Blogging the Old World from A to Z

I've been remiss in my sworn duty to point your attention to WFRP content. To make some small amount of amends, I direct you to the magnificent A to Z blogging coming to a close at Another Caffeinated Day. Last year I heaped praise on the effort and this year is no different.

This year two writers have collaborated on this project, and as the challenge draws to a close you can find them at the letter W. Which is Warpstone, but fittingly enough also WFRP.

Click here for the A to Z challenge posts from Another Caffienated Day!

Thank you Tim for doing this again this year.



  1. Magnus, thank you and you're welcome!

    You must know that this blog has long been an inspiration, certainly the "premier WFRP blog" around... just post more often. I jest! I jest! :) I'm probably far more guilty of being remiss in posting regularly. April aside!

    Ben Scerri was a tremendous help. JohnPaul unfortunately had to drop out before starting the challenge. I hope you have enjoyed the posts!

  2. Weird. I posted. It's gone. So again...

    Magnus, Thank you and you're welcome!

    It has been a great run again. You should know that I've always been inspired by TAC. So thank you!

    Ben Scerri of versamus; we roll has been a great help with ideas and posting. JohnPaul had to bow out prior to starting the challenge.

    I hope you and your visitors have enjoyed this year's A-to-Z!

  3. Hi Tim! I've edited to correct the number of collaborators.

    I most certainly need to start posting again. Used your primer the other day, for my Watchmen campaign. Worked great!