Sunday 28 November 2010

WFRP: The times they are a changing

The world is ever changing. There is no solace in the belief in the uncorruptibility of the laws that govern our bleak existence. Now that I have finally been allowed free from the clutches of the Witchhunters, I sit down to review my notes. And it is all very baffling. I find references to events I now know nothing about. It is as if the history of our Old World is being rewritten in front of my very eyes.

The laws of nature, the nature of magic, it seems as if they have all been changed.

Was it all a dream? Did a storm of chaos rage across the lands, or was it just a breeze of malcontent blown out of all proportions? Maybe it is as they say, that the invasion was merely a ruse, a conspiracy to strengthen the Emperor's grip of the provinces. But what does it matter? It now seems but a dream, an image of the past that keeps changing depending on the whims of the powers that be and the state of my sobriety.

Shall I cling to the past or embrace the present? No doubt I will be branded a heretic whichever path I choose to tread. This decision weighs heavily on my mind, as heavy as the snow that engulfs our fair city of Altdorf. Everything is white, and maybe this is the time of year when the capital is at its most beautiful. The filth and the muck, the dirt och the dreck, all is covered in soft and cruel snow.

Soon the year will be at an end, and everything will start anew. What will I do then?

Adolphus Altdorfer
Festag, Ulriczeit 27, 2521 IC


  1. Hey, is this a reference to the 3rd edition and the new Guide books?

    The Storm of Chaos has not happened yet, but chaos forces are gathering up north, and it is implied that the invasion WILL happen.

    Besides this, I was introduced to WFRP with the 3rd edition, but I am hoarding up on 1st and (mostly) 2nd edition stuff. What else has changed from 2nd edition canon?


    I am also glad to see you are updating your site. 2 times this month. I was rather sad that WFRP specific blogs are so rare. Hope this changes soon!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, I'm thinking about how to approach the changes between V2 and V3 canon. I will probably go with V3 canon, since it is the most current.

    The major changes from V2 to V3 are as far as I can see Storm of Chaos, but also a subtle change in tonality, more akin to WFRPv1. Which is a change that I like.

    Ruleswise I'm not sure what to do. Most likely dual stat, or triad stat :-) the NPC's and rules elements. But most of the value in my additions to the Old World are system agnostic so I am not worried it will cramp my style too much.


  3. Oh, another change that is going to cause you a headache is the price changes. Also the currency and different coin denominations have changed.

    Regarding stats, I wish there was a guide on how to convert NPCs and enemies from 1st/2nd edition to 3rd edition. I am trying to run TEW campaign under 3rd edition, but converting is tough, especially since I need to read the 1st/2nd edition rules first. I suppose if someone already knows the 1st/2nd edition rules, converting would be a lot easier. Regarding stats people suggested diving by ten and rounding up, in order to get a 3rd edition stat. But it's not just stats. Actions are somewhat different as well...

    It's not difficult substituting whole NPC with generic classes of the 3rd edition (such as Specialist, Townfolk or Solider NPCs), but I have the feeling that I am missing something.

    Some guys at the FFGs forum have started a brief guide on conversion, but it hasn't been updated in a while.

    There were also rumors for an updating of TEW to 3rd edition, but I think that's nearly impossible, since so many companie's intelectual properties and rights would have to be negotiated.