Tuesday, 1 December 2009

WFRP: And a new campaign is announced

Popped over to my RSS reader, and saw that FFG has announced a new campaign titled The Gathering Storm. Read more about it here. Bound to be interesting and comparisons to The Enemy Within and Paths of the Damned are inevitable. My guess is it'll be better than PotD but not so good as TEW (without SRiK and EiF).

More thoughts on this as more info is revealed. Or when I had a bit of thought about it, whichever comes first.



  1. Will be enormously interesting to see how they depict the Old World now, in a campaign setting. Every edition has had its own take on the (Old) World as we knew it.
    And whats Stromdorf? Heh?
    I think I´ll actually buy this one before the Core set.

  2. Brave choice to set it as a build up to the Storm of Chaos. Of course it does mean that people like me who are running a WFRP2 campaign set after the storm of Chaos are not likely to pick it up until our Campaign Ends. (By which time we may well be on 4th edition).