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WFRP: Abbreviations common to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

WFRP is a game where much of the source material is referred to by the fans by using abbreviations of the books' titles. This tradition has created a common ground for referring to the rules and books among players of the game, and I wanted to collect this in one place, for my own convenience. Here follows a list of common abbreviations found in relation to the WFRP roleplaying game. This list covers both the first and the second edition of the game.

I have collected these abbreviations from the Internet, but I'm not sure how widespread some of them really are. Feel free to post corrections and additions in the comments!

UPDATED 2018-06-15

The game

v1 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition
v2 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition
v3 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Third Edition
v4 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition
WFRP – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
WFRPv1 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition
WFRPv2 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition
WFRPv3 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Third Edition
WFRPv4 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition


BI - Black Industries (former publishers of WFRPv2)
BL – Black Library (publishes Warhammer fiction)
FFG - Fantasy Flight Games (former publishers of WFRPv2)
Flame – Flame Publications (former publishers of WFRPv1)
GW – Games Workshop (original publishers of WFRPv1)
HH – Hogshead Publishing (former publishers of WFRPv1, see also Hogshead)
Hogshead – Hogshead Publishing (Former publisher of WFRPv1, see also HH)
C7 - Cubicle 7 (current publishers of WFRPv4)

Fan material

LF – Liber Fanatica
LFI – Liber Fanatica 1
LFII – Liber Fanatica 2
LFIII – Liber Fanatica 3
LFIV – Liber Fanatica 4
StS – Strike to Stun
TAC – The Altdorf Correspondent
WS – Warpstone Magazine


A2 - Apocrypha 2: Charts of Darkness (Hogshead Publishing)
AN - Apocrypha Now (Hogshead Publishing)
AoM - Ashes of Middenheim (Part 1 of the Paths of the Damned)
BotD - Barony of the Damned
BotR - Blood on the Reik (BL)
CI - Corruping Influence
CotHR - Children of the Horned Rat, the Guide to Skaven
CotWW - Warhammer City – Middenheim/City of the White Wolf (Games Workshop)
CP – Character Pack (varies with context, see also RULES)
D:BitD – Doomstones: Blood in Darkness (Hogshead Publishing)
D:DR – Doomstones: Death Rock (Flame Publications)
D:DW – Doomstones: Dwarf Wars (Flame Publications)
D:FaB – Doomstones: Fire and Blood (Hogshead Publishing)
D:FitM – Doomstones: Fire in the Mountains (Flame Publications)
D:HoC – Doomstones: Heart of Chaos (Hogshead Publishing)
D:S&S – Dwarfs: Stone and Steel (Hogshead Publishing)
D:WaD – Doomstones: War and Death (Hogshead Publishing)
DDS - Deaths' Dark Shadow (Games Workshop, Hogshead Publishing)
DH - Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40k RPG with similar mechanics to WFRP
DotL - Dying of the Light (Hogshead Publishing)
DotR - Death on the Reik (Games Workshop)
DR - Darkness Rising
EiC - Empire in Chaos (Unpublished, Hogshead Publications)
EiF - Empire in Flames (Flame Publications)
FoN - Forges of Nuln (Part 3 of the Paths of the Damned)
GMP - Game Master's Pack
GMT - Game Master's Toolkit
GR - Green Ronin, former writers/publishers of WFRP 2nd Edition alongside BI
GW - Games Workshop
KA - Karak Azgal
KotG - Knights of the Grail, the Guide to Bretonnia
LC – Liber Chaotica
LC:C - Liber Chaotica: Collected Edition
LC:K - Liber Chaotica: Khorne
LC:N - Liber Chaotica: Nurgle
LC:S - Liber Chaotica: Slaneesh
LC:T - Liber Chaotica: Tzeentch
LLL - Lure of the Liche Lord (see also LotLL)
LotLL - Lure of the Liche Lord (see also LLL)
M:SDtR – Marienburg: Sold Down the River (Hogshead Publishing)
NDM - Night's Dark Masters
OWA - Old World Armory
OWB - Old World Bestiary
PBtT - Power Behind the Throne (Games Workshop, Hogshead Publishing)
PotD - Paths of the Damned (series, usually inclusive)
PV - Plundered Vaults
RC - Renegade Crowns, the Guide to the Border Princes
RoC - Realm of Chaos (Games Workshop)
RoC:LatD - Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (Volume 2) (GamesWorkshop)
RoC:StD - Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (Volume 1) (Games Workshop)
RoS - Realms of Sorcery
RoS:HH - Realms of Sorcery (Hogshead)
RoSv1 – Realms of Sorcery, for WFRPv1 (HH)
RoSv2 – Realms of Sorcery for WFRPv2 (BI)
RotIQ - Realm of the Ice Queen, the Guide to Kislev
SH - Sigmar's Heirs, the Guide to the Empire
SoA - Spires of Altdorf (Part 2 of the Paths of the Damned)
SoB - Shadows over Bogenhafen (Games Workshop)
SoC - Storm of Chaos
SoE - Shades of Empire (unreleased)
SRiK - Something Rotten in Kislev (Games Workshop, Hogshead)
TEW - The Enemy Within, a WFRP v1 campaign (Games Workshop, Hogshead).
TiT - Terror in Talabheim
tLRaatVK - the Loathesome Ratmen and all their Vile Kin (BL)
ToC - Tome of Corruption
ToS - Tome of Salvation
ToT - Tomb of Thieves (unreleased)
TTT - The Thousand Thrones
WC - The WFRP Companion (see also WComp)
WComp - The WFRP Companion (see also WC)
WC-F - Warhammer Companion (Flame Publications)
WD - White Dwarf, with 'x' as the issue number (Games Workshop)
WFB - Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop)
WFRPv1 – The core rulebook of first edition WFRP (varies with context, see also THE GAME)
WFRPv2 – The core rulebook of second edition WFRP (varies with context, see also THE GAME)

Rules (mixed editions)

AP - Armor Points
CN – Casting Number
Core - Core Rulebook, the WFRP main rules
CP – Career Path (varies with context, see also BOOKS)
CV - Critical Value
DoS - Degrees of Success
EP - Encumbrance Points
FP - Fate or Fortune Points
GC - Gold Crowns, a unit of currency in WFRP
GM - Game Master
HtH - Hand to hand combat
NPC - Non player character
PC - Player character
RAW - Rules As Written (i.e without house rules, "by the book")
WA - Warp Artefacts
XP - Experience Points
IP – Insanity Points

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