Thursday, 2 August 2007

WFRP: iAltdorf requests

The iAltdorf project continues to grow. With your help the map can be made more accurate and comprehensive. So please post your requests for additions or changes in the comments of this page!

Planned additions and changes
These features are planned. No promise is made as to when they make it into the project, but things should appear eventually.

* Add sewers (major pipes and main sewer entries for each Bezirk).

* Add special area: Imperial Palace.

* Add more locations to University of Altdorf.

* Add elector palaces (one for each elector).

* Have to look into the placement and size of the Bezirks (Districts). Especially the Bankbezirk seems suspiciously large, as does the Palast Bezirk.

* Add street names from Darkness Rising

* Add more streets

* Divide places into more layers (just like Taverns and Watch Stations, e.g.)

* Add more distances to Scale layer

* Add increments to distance indicators, one every 100 yards

* Add more islands

* Add elevations

* Add places linked to the NPCs found on The Altdorf Correspondent

* Add Grand Temple of Morr close to Amethyst College

* Fix the sign for Die Kunst und Der Welt

* Fix the sign for The Cat and Fiddle

* Delete placeholder text for Gugelhupf's Bakery

* Rough up the layout. It looks too neat! Note: an ongoing effort, it will take a lot of time!

* Add special area: Refugee camp.

Do you have anything you want to add? Let me know!


  1. Absolutely awesome! If I had to make a request I wouldn't mind seeing more buildings pertaining to the governance of the Empire, where various empire wide things are planned, some sort of administration buildings or the war department.

  2. Thank for the comment! I'll tackle some of this when I get down to defining the powers of Altdorf.


  3. this is amazing,
    if you don't mind me asking, was this done with Photoshop? or another package? how long did it take you?

  4. Hey! I just found your question, so you might never read the answer, but here it is anyway!

    I used Adobe Illustrator CS3. It took me about 80 hours effective time to create.


  5. Hi,

    I really like your website.
    Especially your blog's original and efficient format.
    Having downloaded your great map of Altdorf I discovered dozens of locations I didn't know even existed. It was also great to find so many sources. One though seems to be missing - the WFRP book Beasts in Velvet. Although it is quite old now, it has been republished recently. Better still its a good read too. Above all though it contains dozens of references to wonderfully rich locations.

    As a GM who has spent hours enriching Erengrad from scant details I truly appreciate your work.

    I look forward to using your brilliant map in helping bring Altdorf alive.
    Keep up the good work.

    Take care,

  6. Hello Charles!

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I've sat down with Beasts in Velvet on two occasions, listing the buildings and streets that are mentioned there, but I haven't found time to add them to the map.

    But I'll get there in the end! :-)



  7. Hello,

    Since my players just arrived at aldorf, i was looking for more information on the city. Thanks for your wonderfull website. It is far more than expected.

    Maybe an an improvement to the look of your map, you might want to avoid aligning the building so neatly. Not very medieval.

    Keep it up and many thanks.

  8. Hi Nicolas!

    I'm glad the map was useful to you!

    The neatly lined buildings is an effect of the way I created the map, and squiggling it would take a lot of time. I tried doing it in the Drecksack Bezirk, but man did it eat up time.


    I have it on my list, but unfortunately I have to say that it's not top priority. Hope you still find the map useful for your game.



  9. This map, as well as this blog is really amazing.
    Thanks for that.
    Are the location names all taken out of the books, because I noticed some grammar mistakes (as their are supposed to be German ;))
    If you want, I could correct them, but I don't know if the names are still correct, meaning like they are invented by GW.


  10. Hi, I found a little failure in the map. There is a brigde named "Die Brücke Der Sigmar". I think Reikspiel is very equal to german, and in german "The Brigde of Sigmar" would be "Die Brücke ///!DES!/// Sigmar".

    But the rest is very cool! Regards from Germany

  11. "Hi, I found a little failure in the map."

    Thank you for your feedback! I just guessed the "der Sigmar" thing, so I will correct the name for the next version of the map!



  12. Hi, here is the failure-finding german again. There are the streets "Suden Weg", "Westen Weg". If you want to translate "west way" or "south way" into german, it would be "Südweg" and "Westweg". But maybe the ways names have other sources. Good Luck with the next version :D.


  13. Hey Magnus!
    Your work is absolutly exceptionnal. Congratulations.
    But i'm french and i would translate in french for my roleplaying partners.
    Can you explain me how to do?

  14. Hej Magnus,

    love your website and iAltdorf is great.

    But I am missing more of those nice NPC sheets and stories that you used to publish at your website years ago... I really would vote for more of these...

    Have fun,

  15. Good stuff.
    Maybe you could have a look at MadAlfred's resources on Altdorf. He has a number of locations that would make nice additions to your map:
    Hope that helps.
    And check-out my WFRP page:
    Equitas et veritas,

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  17. Hi Chaotic! Thanks for downloading the map! Did everything work out or is there something I should look into?



  18. Hi Magnus,
    I think I've found another manifestation of chaos, aka an anomalie, the Imperial School of Engineers seems to be invisible. So any chance of update to correct this as well as your planned additions and changes?
    This map has become the centre-peice of our campaign in altdorf. Due to the massive detail I've stopped printing it on paper (A0) and we now project it onto the wall. This also allow us to scroll around, zoom in and even use the layers!
    I'm almost dreading the moment they leave Altdorf and we return to simple paper maps ;)
    BTW could you also add the College of Noble Sorcery? It is mentioned, along with many other great location in MadAlfred's guide to Altdorf (you've got most of them already I think)
    Looking forward to your next update.

  19. Hello Charles!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'll take a look at the two items you requested on saturday, when I have some time to look into it!

    great to hear you're using the map!



  20. Hi Magnus,
    I hope you're doing well. During a post-Christmas surf on the interweb I came across a nice article called Street Signs of the Empire written by Tim Eccles for John Foody's Legion 8:
    As if often the case with Tim's work, the article is excellent. So any chance that you could integrate the 3 dozen guilds that he mentions into your iAltdorf?

  21. Hi guys, congratulations, nice work, very detailed!
    I have also only one problem, i don't understand if caused by my pc or not.
    I have downloaded the windows version of the map, the last version, but i can't see the tag of the places on the map like in example images.
    What's the problem?
    Thank you very much