Thursday, 26 April 2012

WFRP: Blogging the Old World from A to Z

I've been remiss in my sworn duty to point your attention to WFRP content. To make some small amount of amends, I direct you to the magnificent A to Z blogging coming to a close at Another Caffeinated Day. Last year I heaped praise on the effort and this year is no different.

This year two writers have collaborated on this project, and as the challenge draws to a close you can find them at the letter W. Which is Warpstone, but fittingly enough also WFRP.

Click here for the A to Z challenge posts from Another Caffienated Day!

Thank you Tim for doing this again this year.



  1. Weird. I posted. It's gone. So again...

    Magnus, Thank you and you're welcome!

    It has been a great run again. You should know that I've always been inspired by TAC. So thank you!

    Ben Scerri of versamus; we roll has been a great help with ideas and posting. JohnPaul had to bow out prior to starting the challenge.

    I hope you and your visitors have enjoyed this year's A-to-Z!

  2. Hi Tim! I've edited to correct the number of collaborators.

    I most certainly need to start posting again. Used your primer the other day, for my Watchmen campaign. Worked great!