Saturday, 16 April 2011

WFRP: The Reiksport Bezirk

A view over the Reiksport Bezirk, as seen 
entering from the north.
The Reiksport Bezirk, which lies just outside the northeast walls of Altdorf, is the newest part of the city. It has grown from being a humble gathering of sheds and jetties, to become one of the capitals most important defenses against invaders, smugglers and Marien-burgers. The district has benefited greatly from the military prescence of the Imperial Navy, and the fact that the Emperor raised funds to extend the walls of the city to encompass most of Reiksport.

It is a rough and tumble area, and one has to keep a sharp eye out for thugs and cutthroats. The district is made up mostly of docks, warehouses, barracks and living quarters for the navy and those civilians who make their living off servicing the large merchant and army vessels that moor there.

Adolphus Altdorfer

Konistag, Sigmarzeit 2

Reiksport Bezirk



  1. For as long as I've GM'd WFRP (longer than I care to admit), I've been using a home-drawn map of Altdorf, both suffering and benefiting from the lack of official source materials on the most important capital of the old world. Your map, which I have only really just begun exploring in depth, is really wonderful, and has an almost obsessive quality to it. We all gain from your attention to detail. I am trying to suss out how canonical it is (doesn't matter that much to *me*), how much I care about the things I have in my map that are not in this one (stuff of my own invention that my players have become familiar with), and so on. Digging into this is going to be fun. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your efforts! Cheers from the US, -Geir

  2. Hey, thanks fr your comment!

    After being away from the map due to other work, I really feel that it is a daunting task to get to grips with it again.

    Don't forget the spreadsheet, which lists the many sources.



  3. A truly wonderful map...i'm creating my next campaign using it, tnx a lot! :)