Sunday, 8 February 2009

FAL General: Shades of Empire aquired

Just a short note to say that I have aquired Shades of Empire, the latest official WFRP book, released by Fantasy Flight Games. I've had a quick look through it, read a few chapters and looked for Altdorf locations. And there's a lot of new places mentioned in the book that will need to go onto my iAltdorf map.

I love the format, to me this actually feels more like a second WFRP Companion for WFRPv2 than anything else. And as you know I love the companion format.

It's great to finally have a new official WFRP book in my hands, after a long wait. It was a little bit over a year ago that Black Industries was closed down, and I hope that FFG picks up the pace of publishing after this first entry. I'll get back with a review in due time!



  1. Its a great book and I look forward to seeing you update the map!

    /Cough, have you seen the scenario Competition Finalists btw... ;o)

  2. Hmmm ... I looked at the winner briefly, that's all. I take it there's some stuff in one of the scenarios worth checking out!

    I'm off to FFG's site straight away!

    BTW, I appreciate the feedback on the map. I promise to update it ... soonish. :-)


  3. Hey man! That was you writing "Burn after printing"! Very cool. I'll certainly look through it and add your locations to the map!

    Hmmmmm ... a new Bezirk. You naughty fellow! Well, it's a small one, so it should fit under the bridge! :-)

    I'll review your adventure as well, AND I just got a new idea for content! A list of all adventures where Altdorf is involved! Like "Burn After Printing", "The Thousand Thrones", "Spires of Altdorf", "Unfinished Symphony" and so on.


  4. I must admit, I had your site continually open while writing it!