Monday, 18 August 2008

WFRP: Krag Jorgensen

Krag Jorgensen


  1. I'm really enjoying all of these nice NPCs you're making. Are you making them all from a special template? I hope you don't mind that I've snuck a few of them into the WFRP campaign me and 3 friends are running. :-) The colors and layout (and pictures) make them all very delicious and interesting to look at.

    Well done! I appreciate them certainly.

  2. Hello!

    Nice to hear that you're using the NPCs, that what they're there for!

    I have an InDesign template I use, with a background by Andreas Blicher. Very cool chap!

    The library of NPCs will continue to grow, so if you have any special wishes, just post a comment and I'll see if I can whip up something!


  3. Hello Magnus,

    Great to hear that you're planning to keep making NPCs, and that you're glad they're being used by people.

    It seems imposing and strange to give requests of NPCs to you. :-D However, since you asked, I'd love to see a Priest of Morr at some point, or a Black Guard of Morr. Failing that, just some characters with ecclesiastical connections.

    Thanks again for the NPCs. I'm planning to introduce Krag Joergensen to the players next Tuesday, although his initial entry might be a bit violent, depending on how the players conduct themselves in the scenario given at that point, hehe.