Tuesday, 1 May 2007

What's the weather like?

I have added a weather gizmo to the blog! A little bit down the left side you can see the forecast for the weather in real-life Altdorf, Germany. If you want a more detailed view, click the link by the forecast for more info. Note that this will take you to the www.wetter.com site!



  1. What made you choose this Altdorf over the other ones? :-)

    Altdorf, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland (72655)
    Altdorf, Bayern, Deutschland (84032)
    Altdorf, Bayern, Deutschland (90518)
    Altdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland (67482)
    Altdorf SH, Schaffhausen, Schweiz (8243)
    Altdorf UR, Uri, Schweiz (6460)

  2. Random selection, to be honest. :-)

    Sort of. I wanted it to be Germany, and not Switzerland.

    I also meant to look at a map, and try to match the location of Old World Altdorf with Real World Altdorf, but after dealing with a German language weather site (I don't speak or read German) that part of the equation got lost.